White Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

November 26, 2014
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1-Scandinavian cuisine original interior

Scandinavian style uses a soothing color palette. The principal colors that is used – white, beige, dairy, color like bone, cream, coffee shades, clear greenish, clear blue. This color scheme is easily mixed with contrasting shades – black, brown, gray. Light shades in the interior visually expand the space of the kitchen. Bright kitchen looks good in combination with graphic detail: red, green, blue, black.

2-Scandinavian kitchen with black and white details

Completely white kitchen will appear dull, then do not be commingled with other colors. Accessories should choose bright, interesting and original with beautiful drawings, inside information. Household appliances should choose dark or metallic shades to make a dividing contrast.

3-vivid details on the Scandinavian kitchen

The furniture, Scandinavian cuisine is to choose natural wood. Kitchen furniture of the same color can be cut with bright objects, tabletop, or an island, decorative furniture. In Scandinavian style top boxes can be supplanted by an open, beautiful shelves, racks or use. The spacious kitchen will look respectable with a matte furniture, small kitchen with glossy furniture that will reflect and scatter light, taking in the room not only broad, bright, and comfortable.

4-shades of gray on a Scandinavian kitchen

Additional furniture for kitchen, dining table and chairs for the kitchen in a Scandinavian style is to prefer natural wood. Furniture constructed of wood looks solid, has a regular conformation, and to keep its texture using varnish that covers the wood. Scandinavian fashion, you can apply a little quantity of decorative elements, it can be photographs, small paintings, floor vases, baskets, beautiful plants, decorative napkins.

5-letters and symbols on the Scandinavian kitchen

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