Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

November 26, 2014
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1-Scandinavian kitchen interior light

Bright and spacious kitchen in a Scandinavian style – an excellent choice, particularly for small kitchens, but also for big kitchens. Scandinavian style will accommodate anyone who likes calm colors, natural fabrics. The parentage of the Scandinavian style emerged in Scandinavia. In the Scandinavian interiors use a great number of fabrics from different types of wood.

2-Scandinavian kitchen black and white

Scandinavian style is noted for its brevity, lack of extra components, items and accessories. Scandinavian style will make the interior kitchen balance, homely and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen in the Scandinavian style used simple but natural materials, which may be usable to everyone. The interior should be elementary and concise. Inter kitchen and walls in Scandinavian style painted in shining colors, it can be white, cream shades, and other quiet colors. The ceiling in the interior has been always white. Rarely used wooden beams. On the walls can be used with beautiful floral or geometric designs. The patterns can be used on the wall or the wallpaper.

3-Scandinavian cuisine white with green plants

Apron on Scandinavian cuisine usually decorated – tiles, skinless wood, glass, mosaic. Classical apron created from ordinary red brick, which may be painted white.

5-Laconic chairs in the interior

Lighting in the Scandinavian style plays a immense part. Normally do not adorn the window blinds, and draperies. Scandinavian style requires a big quantity of daylight. Additionally used and artificial lighting. Most commonly used point location, or large chandeliers, floor lamps.

6-Bright accents in the interior of the room

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