Wooden Bedroom Design Ideas

November 24, 2014
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1-Beautiful wooden bedroom

Bedroom with wood – not only give comfort and warmth, but also create original interiors of the house. Wooden bedroom can be created in any way. Accessories can also be constructed out of wood. Wood – a material that brings, and creates an aura of heat and coziness. Bedroom in a country house – a dream for any and position it better along the second floor, or loft. Attic creates original interior, and the roof will look unusual.

2-Beautiful wooden house

Bedroom in a wooden style most often created in Scandinavian style, modern, country. In a Scandinavian style appropriate to the massive and light furniture. Modern style looks good with accessories made of glass, forged items. Country style should use natural objects, natural materials.

3-Wooden headboard of the bed

Bedroom with wood, are in great demand in the country wooden houses. Interior room is made of wooden beams along the walls and ceiling. The floor can be issued by parquet, laminate or stone. The color system is used in bright shades, dark color is right for spacious rooms. Wood – a bulky material, then it is to employ a lot of quantity of daylight.

4-Wooden headboard CORNER ROOF

The illuminated wooden bedroom should be warm and soft. In wooden bedroom will look good few lamps with shades, candlesticks with candles. Wooden bedroom furniture should also be wooden, and match the style of the entire bedroom. For decoration you can use textiles in the form of skins, blankets and bedspreads in patchwork. In wooden bedroom will look good fireplace that will warm the room in winter.

5-Bunk beds and wooden bedroom

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