Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

November 21, 2014
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1-fireplace decorated tree

Fireplace – a situation that becomes a favorite for the household, he becomes the heart of the room. Approach the fireplace a sitting area and a comfortable stay. Decor the hearth can be placed furniture, shelves with volumes. The fireplace will look good in any environment and in any style. A fireplace can be decorated with a variety of accessories, candles, vases, mirrors, paintings. Mantelpiece – used to adorn the hearth. Earlier fireplaces adorned things that were really expensive and beautiful. It could be constructed of porcelain tableware, candle, and clock. Accessories may vary to refresh the look of the interior, and a fireplace.

2-beautiful mirror above the fireplace

Mirror over the hearth, or around a very nice look at the inside. Zone fireplace can decorate a beautiful decorative mirrors, or mirror, or create a beautiful reflective panel. The mirror is to choose a classic style or in the style of the interior.

3-antlers above the fireplace

Larger items over the fireplace or on the shelf will look original. Massive and large objects will appear really impressive. Heavy items will look respectable on a black ground. For example antlers or bulky accessories.

4-picture on the fireplace

Originally diverse picture will appear in the same way. This blueprint can be modest or big one. Paintings can be substituted inside the family photos. Original will look big picture, which is merely standing along the fireplace.

5-beautiful candles on the fireplace

Artificial fireplace can be embellished with candles of different sizes. Candles – a great source to create a cozy atmosphere. Candles can be a glass vase or candlesticks. In the design of simple fireplace, you can use a small amount of candles in beautiful candle holders.

6-beautiful vase on the fireplace

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