Window Sill Decor

November 13, 2014
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1-Color in the interior window sills

Window sill - in every dwelling, it is situated at each window. Typically windows decorate curtains, flowers in pots, statuettes and other decor accessories. Window sill - it’s a neat topographic point that you can embellish. You can adorn the window sill at its discretion, and to your taste. Garnish each sill can use your vision.

2-beautiful interior window sills

The most usual means to decorate the window sill is – winter garden. This option is ideal for those who love to garden, and green plants. To make a beautiful image on the window sill can place the composition of the same color, or use pots in the same way. To make a beautiful winter garden, you can purchase one fused container.

3-beautiful cacti on a window sill

Good look on the window sills, glass vases with blooms. Number of vases may vary. In a small room should not clutter the window sill. For outstanding personalities fit bright vases or bottles that you can produce yourself using paints. Such compositions will look good on sunny days.

4-The plants on the windowsills in the interior

Library on the window sill – great for people who love to read books and collect books collection. The book may be a large number of collection or at the most beloved book. Likewise along the window sill can be expanded pillow, put a lamp in the evenings and read your favorite books.

5-beautiful sills with shelves

Beautifully window sills will look candles. Candles can be of different sizes, shapes and colors. From candles can create an entire composition. Candles create a romantic mood in the room. Candles are relaxing and calming, you can also select from the flavors.

6-bright and beautiful window sills
7-unusual windowsills with plants
8-windowsills with candles

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