Creative Ways To Store Firewood

November 12, 2014
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1-Original place to store wood in the interior

The presence of a fireplace or a wood stove in the household makes the household not just warmth but also a cozy and romantic ambiance. Near the hearth or stove is always stored firewood. Firewood for the stove must be dry. There is is a big option for storing firewood. Firewood should only be correctly folded, they must hold up little space, and fit into the interior of the room in which the fireplace.

2-Nice place to store the wood in the interior

The most simple and common types of storage container is wood that is made of metal. This capability allows you to store wood in different sizes and thicknesses, firewood storage will eliminate dust and junk on the floor.

3-Modern storage for firewood in the interior

On that point are also containers of glass, they are more advanced, and will look good in modern interiors. Disposing object to store firewood should be setting it further than the fireplace to prevent ignition. Best siting object to take the side of the fireplace not to hide views of the beautiful fireplace.

4-High storage for firewood in the interior

The most popular spot to store firewood – built-in wardrobe. Filled with wood cabinet will bring the original feel of the interior, and a snug ambiance. Cupboards and shelves should be symmetrically siting of the hearth.

5-The original storage space tree

Locate the wood must be careful, to make it look harmonious. In the summer, when the fireplace is not in consumption, it can be filled with wood, so as not to admit the place around, this option will grant a original style of interior. Storage capacity, you can make your own. This can be a big wooden box, box of metal or wood, a large bag.

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