Gray Bedroom Design Ideas

November 10, 2014
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2-Gray and pink color in the interior bedroom

Sleeping room – this is the most important room in a person’s life because it is contrived to sleep and rest, which plays a role in mood and well-being. Color plays a huge role bedroom interior. Beautiful flowers in the bedroom create a special atmosphere, coziness. As a principle, the color can tell you about the inner world of human beings, and of his character.

3-Grey and blue color in the interior of a bedroom

Gray refers to the neutral shades. Gray relaxing and calming force on people. Gray is really relevant for the bedrooms. Gray with blue undertones – a good option for the ornamentation of the sleeping room, especially in hot countries, on the sunny side, such as dark accessories of cool interior room. The gray color can be utilized as the basic setting of the room, and the blue color can be used in textiles, or supplements.

4-Gray and green color in the interior bedroom

The combination of gray with green – it’s a sound choice to create symmetry in the room. Green is easily linked with natural targets, such color liven up any room and fix it more upbeat.

5-Grey and white color in the interior of the bedroom

Gray in combination with white color, ideally extends to any room. White color good complements gray background. Complement the interior can be beautiful accessories in silver or golden color, live plants.

6-Grey and black interior bedroom

The black color combined with gray is ideal for decoration of modern bedroom in modern way, or in high-tech fashion. Sleeping room with black accessories will make the room more grand, and strict. Black and gray color can be diluted with white, and plants.

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