Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

November 5, 2014
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1-cooker hoods on the islands

Kitchen – a space where not simply going to dinners and lunches, but also pass time for cooking. When cooking food smell spread throughout the apartment, which is not always pleasant, and it was created for kitchen hood. Modern hoods have various types, sizes and occasions. Cooker hood for the kitchen, you can pick out whatever style. Cooker hoods have a modest number of species, the most common classic, which are typeset by the rampart above the kitchen range.

1-modern cooker hoods

The most original hoods are those that are over the island in the kitchen. These hoods can look like a pendent, and perform additional functions, which are very practical, comfortable, and do not hold up a great amount of the kitchen. Design a perfect balance must hoods, island with furniture and a full kitchen in general. Moreover, these caps look very clean. It is best to use such hoods spacious kitchen light color.

3-cooker hoods in an unusual style

The most common case is the Hood – Dome. Moreover, their view is very diverse. These caps are generally constructed of three basic materials: metal, wood, glass or two material combinations material together. Hoods with a tree will look good in a country style, and metallic hood will look good in a modern style loft.

4-cooker hoods of the wall

Lately quite common hoods built-in type. These hoods appropriate looking at the small kitchen, they can be built into a cabinet, or as decorated with a fireplace. Built-in hood stands out from the other cabinets, and then look original and appropriate in the kitchen.

2-cooker hoods in country style

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