Room Design Ideas for Teen

November 4, 2014
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1-room accessories for teenager

Decor for a teenager – it is a very serious point, and should take into account the opinion of a teenager, his wants, interests and hobbies. It is best to allow the selection of interior teenager. This can provide the youngster with a choice of a catalogue of furniture and color scheme of the room.

2-room for a teenager in one color

The room should be several functional areas, key areas: sitting area – sleeper bed or couch, work space – a table, a place to work, and reading. Also, do not forget about keeping things teenagers, it can be: a wardrobe, bedside tables and shelves.

3-bright room for a teenager

Youth room should be bright, intimate and bright. Work area or board table should be placed in the window to workspace well-illuminated way. If this is not possible, it is necessary to issue a room with a comfortable lighting.

4-Photos and pictures in the room for a teenager

A bed for a teenager can be a double or single room, all depends on the size of the bedroom. If the bedroom is small, it is best to use a pullout bed or pullout bed. The easiest option mattress that can confuse the bright and original blankets, pillows.

5-lanterns in the room for a teenager

The wide rooms will look good comfortable chairs, seats, ottomans, large floor cushions. In a small room to store items you can hang on the wall shelves are comfortable, or put under the bed storage boxes.

6-fittings in the room for a teenager

The color scheme should be calm, it is best to use neutral shades, pastel with bright parts, accessories. Youth rooms should be worked out to the appropriate wallpaper and pictures, not children’s drawings, which are non relevant.

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