Large Floor Mirror Design Ideas

November 3, 2014
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1-Bedroom with mirrors

Floor mirror in a large shape is really singular and unusual accessory. This attribute is very popular, and it is often used in the bedroom. Set up a mirror side by side to the bed as a convention, merely not the reverse. Mirror in a beautiful frame is not only functional object, but also the perfect accessory that will decorate any room. The mirror has many advantages: space expands, fills the room with extra lighting and creates a singular sensation of ease.

2-Living room with mirrors on the floor

Pros floor mirrors in the interior: You can show off to his full stature. Blows up the space and gets the room spacious and more voluminous. Large mirrors are formed of elementary geometric patterns. Typically, the mirrors have a rectangular form. The forms are constructed of the following materials: wood, metal, plastic. Decorative elements used in plaster, ornamental glass, ceramics, quartz beads, wooden beads, wrought iron items, flashlights.

3-black and white interior with mirrors on the floor

Floor Mirrors have several characters. The gentlest and most pragmatic – a classic. Traditional floor mirrors have a base on which the mirror is installed and have a simple classic shape. This floor mirror will be important in the bedroom, dressing room and in the hall. Also bottom shelves can be closed shelves.

4-mirrors in beautiful frames and with flashlights

New and fashion trend that is in demand – it floor mirrors ladders. These mirrors have no legs, they are set to the wall, and are very hard. Such mirrors are decorated with voluminous and decorative components, also painted in gold color and ash gray.

5-bulky frame mirrors in the interior

Any room can be decorated by placing a volume floor mirror wall. It is best to take in such a floor mirror in front of a window or doorway. The illumination from the window will occupy the room extra light and open doors give the room volume.

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