Grey Interiors Design Ideas

October 23, 2014
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1-gray bedroom interior

Gray color in the inside is a rare phenomenon, as many people are afraid to employ it in the interior. Many people believe that the gray color in the interior will look dull and tedious. Designers very impressed with gray, and all its refinements. Gray may look rich, elegant, and appropriate in every interior.

2-gray living room with white shades

Gray color formed by blending clean and dark, and then the gray color looks well with black and white inside. Gray is a neutral color, and does not cause violent emotions. This color is suitable for people who are looking for consolation, and pacification.

3-gray lamp in the living room

Psychologists recommend the use of gray in the sleeping room and living room, as it induces a calming effect and good for sleeping. Gray is best blended with other shades, this task is best to consult a professional interior decorator. With gray not all colors are mixed. It is best to use a grayish color in the interior details, or supplements.

4-beautiful gray living rooms

Gray color blends well with the cool shades of blue, violet, blue. Gray is not necessary to combine with very vivid shades of crimson, orange, and even yellow.

5-gray living rooms with bright colors

Best gray combined with white, purplish, black, milk, chocolate, pink. Gray color in the interior can be supplemented with silver or golden details in the form of accessories, furniture, vase, tableware, frames for mirrors, tables, lamps, carpets.

6-bright rooms with shades of gray
7-gray shades with other

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