White Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

October 20, 2014
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1-Bright purple bedroom with white tone

White bedrooms look good with shiny accessories and targets. In the first photo bedroom in white. Dilutes the white color – bright violet, which is used in accessories and textiles. Opposite the bed is identified a beautiful painting with purple flowers, a lamp in purple shades, pillows, textiles. Draperies and a small plaid brown with golden shimmer looks – heavy. Children’s room is likewise constructed of white color with hints of purple, bright curtains of blue and sand color. Colors may be perpetually varying with the change of textiles in the inside.

2-Bright bedroom bedspread with white tone

Sleeping room – a place which should prevail atmosphere of calm and ease. Beautiful plaid with bright colors, and pineapple makes the room appear more cheerful and stylish. In the second photo is not bright accessories, but unusual cabinet make the room originally.

3-blue blanket in a bedroom with a white tone

Little beautiful bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Modern furniture blends well with the old box, and a lace plaid. Adorned with bright bed pillows. To liven the room Use live deciduous plants. Another room is more roomy, white color blends well with the brilliant hues of spicy. Above the bed be lined pattern in black and white frames.

4-beautiful large windows in the white bedroom

White color in the bedroom goes well with beige shades. The first bedroom is used instead of the headboard of original design – old doors that blend well with plaid patchwork. The windows are adorned with beautiful light shades of white. The second bedroom more compact, it is split by a partition with another room.

5-black with white and gray bedroom

Black and white decision in the bedroom can be original and beautiful decor solution. White with black contrast looks and vivid. Gray accessories, textiles and still look combined with black and white.

6-beautiful large windows in the white bedroom

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