Beautiful Indoor House Plants Ideas

October 15, 2014
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1-Plants in the bathroom

Flowers – is the most popular element of the decor, which is applied in each apartment. Flowers make the interior a fresh and beautiful view, enliven the office, and nobly affect oxygen. Flowers are uncanny decor elements that fits with any decor, and decorate it. Flowers make you feel comfortable, and the warmth in the home.

2-beautiful plants in the interior

The original pot decoration any plant, and gives it a beautiful and unusual way. Take a pot worth in style and color that will look right in the interior of the room where the primes will be pots. Plants can also be performed independently. Pot Plants can be issue from old iron banks, having painted it in a favorite color, or utilize a glass bowl or vase.

3-beautiful plants on the shelves

Houseplants can be localized in the same room, or in all rooms. Many window sills are decorated with flowers, but you can also purchase beautiful props, shelves for flowers. Original will be looking flowers, in large pots, and a large bowl.

4-Echeveria in pots

The most stylish colors that are employed in the interior: bamboo, cactus, Echeveria, stone roses, moss. Fashionable to put these plants in glass vases, bowls, and large glass fish tanks. Likewise in these vases can be placed stones, beautiful sand in different color schemas.

5-bright interiors

Worth buying unpretentious plants that perform not require special care. In the store, there are many popular plants that do not require daily care and watering.

6-Bright colors in the interior

Plants with beautiful big bulbs will appear really fashionable and beautiful in any interior. Bulbous plants are best positioned in the glassware. During flowering, such flowers are gorgeous.

7-Flowers in a convenient location
8-plants in beautiful pots 9-bright interiors with plants

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