Decorating Trends for 2014

October 10, 2014
Posted in Decor

1-beautiful pineapples in the interior

Autumn trends can decorate any interior. You can vary the interior with the assistance of some accessories, items that you can purchase or build your own. New trend 2014 – Pineapple. This exotic fruit is much used in the interior, in jewelry, clothing and other particulars. You can use the pineapple as a decorative element, it can be a painting, drawing on the wallpaper.

2-shades of blue in the interior

The most fashionable colors in 2014 – a blue and green color. Very popular colors: turquoise, cobalt, sky-blue. Blue and green – it’s very rich shades., Which will create the interior, efficient and produce in all a positive experience.

3-Wooden details in the interior

New trends using natural materials used one of the natural materials – wood. Every year, this material becomes more popular in the interior. Wood posing in the interior warmth, comfort The most popular use – untreated wood in furniture design, worktops.

4-macrame in the interior

Beautiful and original decoration in the interior – macrame. Macrame used to be in a style that is gradually coming back. Macrame can look very original, stylish and fashionable. This accessory will look well in any way.

5-furniture made of brass

Copper and brass objects in the interior. Copper – a great material that is used in beautiful accessories. Most propagation of the supplements that are used – dishes, pots, lamps, plates, faucets, bed.

6-velveteen interior

Velvet interior creates a distinctive and elegant aspect of the inside. Most often velvet upholsters sofas, seats, and other furniture. Use corduroy best in minimal amounts.

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