Wide Window Sill Design Ideas

October 8, 2014
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1-Beautiful blonde sills

Window sill – a piazza where, as a ruler, set vases, pots, flowers, accessories, or even left empty, close the curtains. Of the sill can be a bench, table, or shelf storage. Constructing the sill should to consider in advance.

2-Beautiful blonde on the kitchen windowsill

Window sill to any kitchen can serve as a table or countertop. Window sill should be placed at the correct point to being behind him, it was convenient to wash the dishes, cook. Made a countertop can be constructed of plastic, wood, artificial and natural stone. Counter top in the kitchen near the window will also enjoy nature outside the window.

3-Beautiful blonde sills to the workplace

Window sill as worktop to preserve space in any way. Under the board can be positioned convenient shelves, lockers where you can store stationery items, records, and documents. In the center of the table you can place in your computer. Near the Windowsill can accommodate two computer space as a window sill near the longest position.

4-beautiful window sill in the interior with beautiful pillows

Window sill can serve as a comfy sofa for tea, get-togethers, and reading books. Using various materials can change the standard pressure, color, texture. Materials can also me by seasons and the atmospheric condition, which is very pragmatic and convenient. Varied textiles refresh the interior.

5-beautiful bed sill with registration

Window sill can be utilized as a bed, couch. From the bed to be a very wide window sill, which is worth a large comfortable and soft mattress. On the borders of the sill can install shelves, which will be a book, and appurtenances. The window should close blinds or dark curtains.

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