Interior Design Ideas with Ombre

October 8, 2014
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1-Ombre style on the furniture

Ombre – a new trend that designers frequently employ. Ombre – is the transition of the dark tone go brightly decorated. Ombre style used in a variety of finishes variant. The most popular use Ombre style in the interior – it is a wall. Ombre style will look well in any way. The principal thing is to get the correct shade.

2-Ombre style curtains

Contents window can be beautiful curtains in the style of Ombre. These curtain can be done independently with the help of brightly decorated fabrics and beautiful colors. Drapes in a style decorate any room and make an unusual view. Curtains style Ombre will go well with linens in Ombre style.

3-Ombre style on the walls in the interior

The walls in the style of Ombre most popular way, which is utilized in the design of the rooms. Check out the walls in the style of Ombre, you can use special brushes and spray. Also, you can draw walls pictures Ombre. Expand background in the style of Ombre, you can use pillows, and other supplements.

4-Ombre style carpets

Simple and cheap method of decor- the carpet in style Ombre, a carpet will decorate any interior. Textile producers create diverse and interesting choices in any colors.

5-vases in the style of Ombre

Decorate with style Ombre can be yourself. Simple banks can paint in the style of Ombre, for this you need white paint and the color in which you want to make the vase. Apply paint, you can use with sponge.

6-furniture in the style of Ombre

Ombre style furniture will look good for modern furniture. As well, you can arrange any furniture, lockers, doorways.

7-Textiles style Ombre

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