Blue Tones Design Ideas

October 7, 2014
Posted in Living Room

1-White living room with blue chairs

The blue color in the interior – a respectable option for a little room. Blue and blue color can be used with emphasis, or accessories, and also background living room can be blue, blue. Blue shades refresh a room, make it cozy. Blue color goes good with white Scandinavian style. In this living room furniture is present a blue color that looks respectable on a snowy backdrop, and blended with colorful cushions.

2-turquoise chairs in the living room

Beautiful and spacious living room with vivid hues. Blue chairs go well with brown details, leather armchair, and bright yellow cushions that enliven the living-room.

3-blue sofa in interior

Small living room combined with dining room. The most salient point of the interior – blue sofa, dressed with colorful cushions in dark and white color.

4-blue walls in the interior

In the inside of the blue color is used as a backdrop, which dilutes the furniture in white blankets. Complement the interior wood furniture bright colors. Pillows pink look of the room is beautiful, bright and catchy.

5-blue curtains in the interior

Wide living room, which is fused with the kitchen. Made living room in beige shades that complement the bright blue curtains, pillows, and chairs. Blue shades make the room brighter.

6-dark turquoise interior

Beautiful and spacious living room with bright accents and a mixture of accessories. The interior of the minimum number of accessories. The furniture in the living room of Ikea. Beige color in the interior well with the dark – turquoise chairs.

8-blue with orange interior

Cozy and spacious living room with modern furniture and bright accessories orange warms a room and get it easy.

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