Blankets Sofa Design Ideas

October 2, 2014
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1-beautiful fur rug

In the cool evenings want to envelop yourself in a warm blanket, and get a warm fireplace. Pulling in the interior in the cold should decorate the house warm things: candles, pillows, the most significant position in the living room – sofa, where he is in the evening the whole family to communicate, or seeing a film. Sofa can also decorate a beautiful and warm blanket.

2-beautiful rug from old jeans

Plaid can also function as a decorative element, which is to protect the furniture from dirt. Plaid, or a beautiful cover will make the interior comfort and a beautiful ambiance. Pluses covered: there are a large number of fabrics, textures and colors.

3-beautiful patchwork of beautiful fabrics

The most outstanding and original plaid patchwork, which is made from an assortment of pieces. This style is preferred to select a bright fabric, which will be combined well with the interior.

4-beautiful curtains of silk

Blanket silk in the living room, not the best option, they are more suitable for the bedroom. But modern textiles may look beautiful in the living room.

5-beautiful curtains of tapestry

Blankets tapestry – made of cotton, with beautiful embroidered flowers, ornaments, and beautiful drawings, paintings. These bedspreads are easily suited for conservative people, and classical styles.

6-beautiful crocheted bedspread

Crocheted blankets in the interior living room will look good in a country style, classic, Scandinavian. Plaid can be bright or classic colors. Beautifully will look creamy shades, white, or scarlet, and vivid colors.

7-Beautiful terry covers

Terry plaid – the most practical and commonly utilized in interior design. Terry plaid are very pleasant to the feeling, and the aesthetic appearance of a very expensive feel.

8-beautiful bedspreads made ​​of threads

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