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September 30, 2014
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1-bedroom with a living room interior

Small apartment requires a proper arrangement of furniture, and the division of the room into zones. Keep room and chamber can be usable and easy. In one way, you can create multiple zones: bedroom, living room, walk-in wardrobe. The most comfortable option – place a sofa in the living room, which can suffice as a bed.

2-bright bedroom with a living room interior

Big and spacious room – a beneficial chance to put in the room sofa and bed, a wardrobe, and the work. In one way, you can create an original design. For dividing the sleeping room and living room, you can create a partition. A partition can be created from any material or furniture. The easy option: buy a rack, which will cover the bed, and the living room.

3-beautiful bedroom with a living room interior

To make a comfortable interior should choose a universal color that will work comfortably. Each zone may be dissimilar in color. Style living room and sleeping rooms should be planned in the same manner. With the help of partition can completely hide the bed. The best budget option to share a bedroom and a living room with the help of curtains, blinds, you can choose light or dark color to hide the area. For the original blueprint, you can select various options for curtains. You can also buy forged partition with curtains. The original version – restore the use of bamboo. Light and beautiful option – curtains with beads, threads.

4-bedroom and living room wall

Comfy and functional alternative to use – the cabinet and wardrobe as partitions. Console can be employed to store records, clothing, accessories and items.

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