Creative Bedside Tables

September 29, 2014
Posted in Furniture

1-Tables from the stump

Bedside table – this is the most important thing next to the bed, which can function as a usable and look very practical and intimate. Nightstand will be relevant for those who love to take a book, newspaper, magazine, or at bedtime. As well on the table, you can lay out the alarm, flowers, vase, phone, and other items that you use often.

2-chests as tables

Old dower chest, or novel – very functional, they are reminiscent of the old grandmother’s dower chest. An old wooden chest into the interior will look exquisite.

3-barrel in the form of cabinets

Iron barrel as bedside tables – the original determination to employ such a table is best in a minimalist style, and in the Scandinavian way. Iron barrel – this is the budget choice. You can select any barrel, and paint it in whatever color. Very original look iron barrel in black and ashen. As the iron barrel can decorate a beautiful drawing.

4-ladder in the bed

A creative option for interior use of ladders. You can utilize an old ladder, paint it in your favorite color, and lay next to the bed. On the ladder can be set not just books, telephone set, but you can also hang a bathrobe, and other clothing.

5-shelves in the wall

Original bedside table that and attached to the wall, as though located in weightlessness, or half bedside tables the charge of the wall. Hold such Nightstands on the screws, which are screwed to the wall.

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