Open Shelving in the Kitchen

September 25, 2014
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Classic kitchen contains furniture that has closed shelves. Recently spread open and beautiful shelves that can be embellished with beautiful блюда, plates, cups, bottles, or beautiful.

1-kitchen with shelves

Open shelves – convenient and comfortable option to post items for prompt admission. Open shelves are perfect for almost any interior, especially good they will see in a classic interior, Scandinavian style, high-tech, country style and others.

2-bright kitchen with shelves

Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen are a lot of pluses:
- Functionality
- Low cost
- Expand the space
- Easy to use

3-bright kitchen with shelves

On open shelves conveniently positioned products, spices, cereals, which are practiced most often hostess kitchen. Apply the second alternative is examined in open shelves – decorative stroke on the shelves can be the siting of interesting dishes, mugs, cups, figurines, and beautiful accessories for the kitchen theme.

Open shelves are also a big number of disadvantages:
- Regular cleaning
- Reduced small capacity

Shelves for the kitchen can be done with the kitchen, or purchased separately. Fabrics for the ledges can be varied, the most extended ones: wood, metal, glass and others. Decorate shelves can be beautiful hooks, also if there are open shelves can be ratified, which is real convenient for spices, cereals, tea and chocolate.

4-bedding shades in the kitchen

The primary color for beautiful shelves – white, dark. Shelves looks perfect in contrasting pattern. Besides you can decorate shelves, LED ribbon, or embellish the inside mirrors.

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