Colourful Beautiful House

September 23, 2014
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1-Beautiful and spacious kitchen

These beautiful and unusual house designers have created a House Design Studio. This flat is situated in the urban center of Kaohsiung. This amazing apartment belongs to a new and positive teacher, who survives with a kitty. The interior uses warm and pastel colors with shiny objects.

2-interesting bedroom

The bedroom is very roomy and light with beautiful and funny pillows, which depict animals in funny pictures. Over the layer is a beautiful shelf, where you can arrange the books, candles.

3-Living room

The living room is connected with a corridor. The living room couch is blue light in color. The living way is done in white. The corridor is built in pink color in the form of ornamental tiles. In the hall is a small functional sofa with lots of ledges. Adorned with beautiful sofa cushions.

4-Living room with amazing cuisine

Kitchen connected to the living room. The kitchen table is the original white with cherry pegs. Above the table beautiful lighting. Opposite the kitchen is a beautiful yellow shelf in the shape of iron pipes systems. In the inside of the apartment large windows that let in plenty of luminosity.

5-beautiful sofa in the living room

Modern flat, with a large number of functional and comfy furniture. The apartment is built in a minimalist way. The apartment is built in three colors: light-red, pale aqua, yellow. The main colors – white, the color of walnut. Interior complement bright and beautiful accessories. Along the shelves are arranged live plants, cute figurines, books. Cabinet near the ingress of a beautiful blue color, there are closed and exposed shelves. The apartment looks simple and cozy.

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