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September 19, 2014
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1-beautiful interior with kitchen

Kitchen-living room and a trendy new solution not just for small flats. Combining the kitchen and the living room is gained not solely in little rooms, but spacious apartments or house.

Pluses coincident kitchen, living room:
Expansion of space
The proximity of the dining table in the living room
Shared cooking with the whole household

Cone’s combined living room and kitchen:
Smells will be spread throughout the apartment
Difficulties in cleaning
Provide high humidity

Organize interior kitchen with a living difficult task, interior design is better to trust a professional architect who can manage with comfort.

1-beautiful interior with kitchen

For registration of the living room and kitchen need a total redevelopment of the apartment. To produce a cozy atmosphere should pick up items that will be united with each other in color and fabrics. Kitchen is best to select tiles that are soft to launder. For a living room should be chosen other materials – parquet, laminate.

2-brown kitchen with interiors

Share the kitchen and living room, you can either dining table, and a bar, or put a lounge that will divide the two rooms. The bar counter can be applied as a dining table can also be built-in functionality cabinets, shelves.

3-bright kitchen with dining area

You can as well put in a kitchen island, which is the most functional and easy. In the kitchen island can be arranged work area, stove, built-in appliances, shelves for storage of food grains, fruits and vegetables. Execute up the living room and the kitchen should be in single color. Add an interior can be beautiful accessories of other shades.

4-contrasting interiors kitchens

5-bright interior with light-colored furniture

6-green in the kitchen

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