Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

September 9, 2014
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1-brown color in the interior

Brown – the color is very relevant to the kitchen design. Brown and beige color has a homely ambience and coziness. Designers often used for decoration, brown. Brown is a very polished and graceful. Brown kitchen all associated with natural forest. Classic kitchens are normally built of wood that appear well and are practical

2-kitchen brown

Beige color gives the kitchen elegance. Wooden kitchen is real expensive, but there are more inexpensive options, wood imitation. Material of the plastic can be adorned with a special sticker with tree structure.

2-kitchen dark brown

Brown kitchen looks good in matte texture, or monochrome. Also brown kitchen is easily mixed with other natural materials: stone, tile, flooring, leather furniture, and other natural fabrics.

3-kitchen dark brown color with other shades

Brown kitchen can be from light colors too dark. Good brown kitchen combined with white, beige, green – give the kitchen a new kind. In the design of the kitchen brown should avoid the following colors: purple, blue, gray, dark.

Pluses brown in kitchen design:
Brown kitchens are very practical, they are not so spoiled such as black kitchen.
Brown cuisine versatile colors like brown color throughout. Brown can be used in almost any style.
Brown can be combined with other shades.
Brown has a large number of textures that look great and expensive.
Brown is good for the mood, mind, and sets a positive thought.

4-beautiful tops for interior

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