Green Kitchen Design Ideas

August 29, 2014
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1-beautiful green cuisine

The kitchen is green and light green shades are the most natural of all natural palettes. Green kitchen is in high demand because they are cozy and bright. Green all associated with spring, reminds juicy grass, leaves. Kitchen – a great place point to design, there are many colors that can be mixed. Designers love the green color, it renders the interior a cheerful view. Green and White as visually enhances the space, gives the room volume. Psychologists recommend to apply a green color in the interior of any room, it will give energy for the whole day. For background cuisine is best suited gentle, delicate and muted greens. Bright green color are best applied in minimum amounts. Darker shades of green will look well with cold colors, with gloomy, blue and others.

Pluses green:
Natural green has a calming effect on the brain
Brings rest to your eyes
Mixed with any suggestions
Makes the interior a fresh new look
Improves mood

1-kitchen green interior

For interior decoration, kitchen in green need to use a tile floor,and design of the apron, which gives the interior a luxurious look. The shops are very huge selection of green items, and various shades of green. Green color will look well in any style kitchen. To cause the inside of the original form designers add color lime, green color, lemon that blends well with green hues.

2-bright green in the kitchen interior

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