Piano In Living Room Ideas

August 27, 2014
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1-beautiful interior with piano

Pianoforte in the interior should harmoniously arranged. Piano – a voluminous musical instrument that cannot be placed next to the batteries, oven, and other heating appliances, also should choose a place where there are no drafts, moisture, and direct sunlight. Has the best piano in the most spacious room, where all the family, guests, the best option for the location – the living room. Piano – a premier tool that should be stressed in the interior. Piano can be installed on a modest level. Can be positioned above the piano beautiful chandelier that will illuminate the area, the heat, thus illuminating the person who plays the piano.

2-piano in the living room

Inside of a room should be blended with the piano. Pianos come in different models, styles and different age. Modern piano looks good with a modernistic dash. Antique piano looks good in a classical setting, is also worth and select accessories in style. The photos show examples of honest design of living room with a piano.

3-piano in the living room light

The piano can also beautifully decorate, decorate the top like candlesticks, vases with blooms. For more creative interior can paint beautiful pictures piano, or paint graffiti, or make decoupage.
Color in the interior of the piano is also necessary to choose the color, if the interior is light, it is best to use a white piano. If the interior of a room a dark color is better to select a piano black. You can also mix and style room with a piano. Modern technology is creating a variety of pianos in a classic style, vintage, minimalist, glamorous style.

4-piano in the dark living room

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