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August 26, 2014
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2-lots of drawers in the interior

Chest of drawers – it’s a pretty old attribute, which is used by our grandmothers for storage. In late years, fashion returns to old furniture. Chest of drawers – one manner to decorate a room, or interior of the flat. Chests of drawers come in different consist, sizes. These Chest of drawers are constructed of wood and metal. The Chest of drawers locker is not only a decorative element, but also functional. It can put a lot of things.

Chest of drawers can be employed in any way. In each room of the chest of drawers there is a space, and it can be applied either as a decorative element, or storage. One of the nicest places to the chest of drawers – a bedroom. In the chamber, the chest of drawers will look next to the bed, where you can store linens or seasonal clothes.

Which is also a chest of drawers will look in the living room, it can be utilized as a coffee table, inside the chest of drawers can store magazines, newspapers. Or equipped with a chest of drawers under the bar, and store expensive alcoholic beverages.

1-interior with dressers

Kitchen chest of drawers suitable only if it is large. In the kitchen, a chest of drawers can be employed as a storage, kitchen utensil: pots, pans, dishes. You can also store food grains or other foods, such as root vegetables, winter apples, and other foods that do not spoil for a long time.

Children’s room – chest of drawers there will be really appropriate for storing toys, books or wearing apparel. Chest of drawers can also function as a toy that children can use for fun games.

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