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August 18, 2014
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0-roof with grass

A roof over your head should be not just long-lasting, but also attractive in appearance. In today’s world a new fashion on unusual and interesting roofs that are strange, creative. More likely to own the original roof of the building that are in the city, it can be sports centers, shopping centers. Many people who dwell in the countryside in private households, too, prefer the original blueprint of the roof.

1-domed roof of the house

Roof are of smart colors, a variety of patterns, with interesting accents. It totally depends on the vision and desires of the customer. Roofs come in many forms: pitched, flat, dome and others. The most practical and convenient – a triangular roof, this roof has four ramps. Unusual and creative looks pitched roof, which looks really original and creative. The unusual and original roof is decorated with Norwegian houses, the grass grows on the roof, and even trees. Norwegian roof – the most environmentally friendly in the world. Besides the grass grow on the roof for a comfortable microclimate in the home, in the winter in the house – the heat, and summer – cool.

2-hip roof
4-beautiful brown

Sometimes the roof is original and very functional, can be located under the ceiling of a summer terrace, which will be enshrouded in the rainfall, or hide in the shade on hot days. There are houses that are not only simple grass grows, but also reed grass, which renders the interior a very original feel. For such a house requires special care. The most strange and fabulous houses have roofs in oriental fashion. Roof in the form of domes adorns not only the church, but can decorate house.

5-roof with flowers
7-fun in the interior of the roof
8-roof that requires a haircut
9-roof in Norway

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