Shades of gray in the interior design

August 14, 2014
Posted in Living Room

1-gray color in combination with pink

Gray has many shades and designers it is recommended to use in the interior, it sustains a positive result on the brain. Gray lets you slow down and lets you to tune in to stay or run. Moreover gray color is practical in the inside.

2-monochrome gray color in the living room

Gray is best to select the background. This color helps to hide all the flaws in the room. You can also use furniture gray, which renders the interior a rich feel.

3-gray-brown in the interior

Cut the gray color in the interior help bright cushions. Bright pillows are stylish, look, you can buy a variety of covers for pillows and change them when the old will bother.

4-gray with black interior living room

Grey has a lot of shade, and to expand and beautify the space you can decorate a variety of mirrors, you can also use mirror inserts in the doors, in furniture.

5-gray with white in the interior of the living room

Gray color that blends perfectly with the white color, so colors attract. Thanks to the white color mixed with gray can visually enlarge the space and dedicate a neat aspect of the inside.

6-gray with yellow in the interior of the living room

To make a warm and intimate atmosphere in the interior gray color can be mixed with the color yellow, or golden hues. For example, you can choose a golden frame for a mirror, or paintings. Gray sofas can be dressed with beautiful yellow pillows and window can be adorned with yellow curtains.

7-gray with blue for the living room

Gray color blends perfectly with the cool shades: blue, violet. The combination of gray with blue shades will fit a bright room where the sunny side.

8-gray with pink in the interior of the living room
9-gray with a coffee in the interior of the living room
10-gray with a light in the interior of the living room

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