Beautiful house in London

August 13, 2014
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1-bright house in London

Beautiful and interesting house in London. This home is not worthy for human dwelling, he hired for professional shooting. The inside of this apartment uses a great quantity of natural light that fill the room with natural light and pleasant. The interior uses expensive and beautiful furniture, and in natural light, it seems even more unspoilt.

2-spacious roof window

In the living room a good deal of interesting details. In the middle of the room with lounges and a chair in different colors. The lounge has a beautiful purplish color, pink hot seat, and one dark.

3-elegant table in the interior of the room

In some other section of the room is a dining table, chairs arranged around a board with blank covers.

4-spacious bathroom in shades of red

The bathroom is bright and spacious, one part of the wall decorated brick tile. Approach the window is a black cast-iron tub, and is situated next to shower with light tiles.

5-comfortable bedroom with beautiful curtains purple

Bedroom done in white, but it was diluted with beautiful and interesting detail of classic shades. Inside rooms are adorned with colorful details – purple drapes and a regal chair, they render the interior of lightness and elegance.

6-Pretty kitchen tenderly pink shades

Kitchen interior done in soft pink. The kitchen is really broad and comfortable for cooking and food-photography. The kitchen has plenty of daylight.

7-glass table in the room to work

The inside also has a room that is planned for productive work. In the room is a table, shelves for books, a comfortable work desk.

8-a large number of bookshelves

Near the mansion is a comfortable summer terrace where you can take in a barbeque. In the garden is a great number of plants that decorate the garden.

9-beautiful table in the interior
10-original summer terrace in the interior of the room

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