Modern apartment in Stockholm

August 8, 2014
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1-spacious apartment with two beds

Spacious and beautiful apartment is turned up in Stockholm. The flat consists of three rooms. Thither is a roomy bedroom, kitchen, living room, and a blank space to rest. Scandinavian style is woven with beautiful English interiors and bright objects.

2-beautiful light green dresser

The bedroom is very spacious and comfortable, for a comfortable sleep two beds were pressed together. The wall behind the seam is decked with colorful and beautiful wallpaper in Scandinavian fashion.

3-white fireplace in the room

The sleeping room is an old wood stove, which leaves you to heat an apartment in the wintertime. The windows are adorned with colorful curtains of green, which render the room a new freshness. The interior is modern bedroom furniture from Ikea, and also an English-style furniture.

4-cozy room with beautiful shelves

The living room holds a rounded rooms, near the windows are beautiful shelves. Shelves can decorate books, accessories, green plants. Chandelier in the living room – in the English style. Instead of a coffee table uses a big wicker basket.

5-black table to work in the interior of the room

In the living room at that place is a separate work area, a beautiful narrow black table standing at the rampart. Above the table is a round mirror in a dark figure.

6-a bright wall in a dark interior

The inside of the main living room background – white. Behind the sofa wall plastered with beautiful and vivid wallpaper.

7-small and handy kitchen with beautiful tile

Kitchen – small but very usable. The principal portion of the room is adorned with beautiful tiles. The kitchen must have lockers, but there are open shelves for cans with food grains. As well in the kitchen is a round dining table.

8-comfortable toilet and bathroom

Rooms very narrow corridor. The inside of the corridor there are shelves for shoes, clothes, and beautiful snow-white dresser with mirror.

9-beautiful corridor in the bathroom

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