Modern Townhouse in London

August 7, 2014
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1-glass wall in the interior

Small but beautiful townhouse is in London. For interior design with bright colors paired with intense detail. The interior uses many natural fabrics that present the interior harmony and innovative feel. The flat is really snug and comfortable for a small household.

2-glass wall in the interior

The living room is separated into various sections. Adjacent to the kitchen is a dining table light color. Medal of the dining area is a false fireplace, which is filled with firewood. Top fireplace can decorate with candles or little figurines.

3-lots of pictures on the wall

In a humble living room wall is decorated with family photos in black and ashen. The living room with comfortable furniture – spacious gray sofa and two chairs with a beautiful bright fabric. In the middle of the living room glass coffee table.

4-spacious kitchen with bar

Attributed to a separate kitchen and a roomy area with easy and practical surfaces. Kitchen and living room shared by a small measure. Bar counter from the living room has a diminished number of shelves for books.

5pink linen

Children’s room is designed for teen young women. The room is modest, and therefore the system storage undeveloped near the headboard. Above the layer is a ledge for books or toys, and on the sides are cupboards for storing clothes.

7-black bedroom interior

Sleeping room for adults, wood-paneled dark color. Located along the sides of the bed tables, which are lamps for lighting. Adorn the room of a beautiful crystal lamp, which appears really graceful.

8-beautiful bathroom with washbasin

The bath is very roomy and comfortable, the main colors – white. The bath has two sinks, which is real pragmatic.

9-long staircase in the interior of the room

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