Apartment with Two-Room In Sweden

August 6, 2014
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1-bright green tile kitchen

Beautiful and roomy flat is situated in Sweden. The apartment receives a total expanse of 91 square meters, it consists of three rooms and two stories, and a wide patio. The flat is really functional, and is split up into zones. The ground level apartment is a roomy kitchen, a chamber and a small children’s room on the second floor of the room is a large and spacious room, which is split into several areas, a dining area, roomy living room, which unfolds onto a beautiful summer terrace.


Central accessory that decorates the inside of the room is a snow-white staircase. The living room is very vivid and spacious, opposite the sofa is a spacious summer terrace. Located near the sofa, coffee table tray on wheels.

2-bright and open summer terrace

Summer terrace is very roomy and comfortable, there are a bunch of live plants that make the interior a clean feel. The terrace is also possible to set up the grill.

3-white staircase in a brick wall

Snowy staircase perfectly with the red brick wall. Along the broad stairs are pots of blooms that decorate her.

5-spacious kitchen in the interior

The kitchen is really modest, but prosperous. Kitchen with white color looks very elegant contrast creates a light wood countertop.

6-root sink in the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets have many shelves that can hold bottles for wine, books, spices.

7-beautiful and dark countertop

The kitchen is very convenient system of storing utensils and convenient lockers for storing utensils.

8-small dining area in the interior

Next to the kitchen is a small dining area, which is designed for two people.

10-stylish bedroom interior

Sleeping room – a stylish and laconic, minimalist interior. Used for comfort Indian carpet and beautiful candle holders.

11-stylish bedroom interior
12-bathroom and toilet in the interior
13-children's room in the interior
14-washing machine in the interior
15-wardrobe in the staircase and in the interior
16-round white table in the interior
17-garden in the interior
18-comfortable sitting in the interior

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