Beautiful cottage in Sweden

August 1, 2014
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1-beautiful red house

Beautiful red house located in Sweden. The house is situated with a lovely scene of the lake in northern Sweden. Around the house to the mansion is a great figure of immature plants that decorate around the household. The interior of the house is decorated in white, with with beautiful details

2-amazing living room

The living room is a great figure of exposed windows that naturally illuminate the way. In the middle of the room is a glass table. Positioned around the table beautiful chair gray with bright colors.

3-beautiful terrace in white color

In the corridor at that place is a cozy patio. Along the terrace, comfortable furniture is clean, which is adorned with red upholstery. Red quickens white interior.

4-beautiful and original dresser in the interior

Practiced in the interior of a big bit of vintage furniture, which was painted in a single color white. In a drawing room there are many fresh flowers.

6-beautiful white furniture in the interior

The summer terrace has a beautiful round table with beautiful white chairs, and bright textiles that make the inside bright and gorgeous.

8-oval table in white interior

The kitchen is very spacious done in white, off the kitchen is a dining area for a big household. Above the table a beautiful light, which renders the interior a special appeal and elegance. Kitchen decorated with dozens of live plants.

10-beautiful white color in the interior oven

Kitchen and living room shares a big stove, which on the unitary hand, it serves as a wood stove, on the other hand may be used for cooking on the range or in the oven. Wood-burning stove is very convenient for a country house, it can warm the house in the during cold weather.

11-On the other hand the furnace in the interior
12-beautiful table with dressing room
13-light pink interior in bedrooms

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