The Crooked House in Sopot

July 31, 2014
Posted in Architecture

1-Beautiful home in Poland curve

This beautiful building construction is located in Poland, Sopot. This building was built in 2004. It was planned by the architects Shotinskih and Zalewski. This building is the most beautiful sight, and is interpreted in the country as the most intense and interesting building. In this building there is a large number of stores, eateries, bars.

2-Crooked House in Poland in the evening

Windows and doors have a curved shape as the edifice itself. The building resembles a fairy home. Entry to the building has a modern glass entrance. Krzywy Domek – is the most popular destination among tourists and locals. Besides, the edifice hit into the list of the most popular buildings.

3-entrance in the house in Poland

The interior of the building there is a wall, where the popular and well-known people left their autographs on the wall. In the spring and summer around the building is a large number of summer terraces where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a refreshing cool lemonade, or simply dine, admire the beauty around.

4-many people outside of Poland
5-curved space inside
7-beautiful and warm weather
8-beautiful and warm weather
9-summer terrace in the interior
10-beautiful interior at night
11-beautiful interior at night

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