Floating House in Canada

July 28, 2014
Posted in Architecture

1-beautiful house on the coast

Beautiful home located along Lake Huron. This was designed Projects Agency of architects MOS. The home was named Floating House. The home was equipped given the ceaseless modification in the conditions, as the water level is constantly switching. Initially, during the construction led to about troubles. The architect has presented a certain intention, which defends the house afloat.

2-beautiful house on the water

Decorated house expensive material of cedar siding. The house is clean and natural. The home is surrounded by beautiful nature: lake, mountains, beautiful vegetation. The interior decoration also uses natural wood. Even the blinds on the interior of cedar material used.

3-Light house on the water

Because of the constant change of climate, designers installed a two-story house on a secure rack. The interior was equipped panoramic windows that can easily be shut beautiful wooden blinds.

4-beautiful view of the house
5-stunning views of the water
6-Camping in the mountains, beautiful interior
7-beautiful and spacious windows in the interior
8-wood trim in the interior
9-cozy bath with wood trim
10-design house afloat

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