Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

July 25, 2014
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1-Beautiful wallpaper for the kitchen in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style – discreet, comfortable, and very popular in modern interiors. Many like spacious and shiny kitchen. The kitchen should be very easy, practical and comfortable for cooking. In Scandinavian style often drawn small kitchen, they see respectable in this mode. In Scandinavian style uses a great number of natural and daylight.

2-bright finish with beautiful flowers on the wall

Scandinavian-style rooms used beautiful sconces, floor lamps, lamps are also used for illumination of the playing field. This kitchen is decorated with a bright white finish working wall, which creates contrast.

3-tile walls in style skandinavskom

Furniture in Scandinavian style used white cream. The main color that is utilized in the design – white, cream gloss. White kitchen may appear dim, and is used for this countertop darker color, merely there are choices when used completely white. Brilliant details, accessories make the kitchen fun and smart.

4-round ball lamp in interior

Scandinavian flair in the interior of the kitchen cannot use white color, and you can use lighter shades and bedding very well would look – pale blue, lavender, mint, beige.

5-beautiful white narrow kitchen

Kitchen in Scandinavian style painted or glued to a light color. White color looks good with metal objects, kitchen utensils, accessories.

6-pretty white kitchen with island

The kitchen in the Scandinavian style welcomes bright textiles, it can be towels, cushion seats, beautiful carpets, napkins. You can also use bright pottery, beautiful woven baskets, beautiful and vivid pictures.

7-beautiful black kitchen interior in the Scandinavian
8-Scandinavian cuisine in the old style
9-clever and interesting cuisine
10-kitchen connected in the interior

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