Custom Accordion Doors

July 24, 2014
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1-Beautiful door

Accordion door – represent a folding doors that are collected as blinds. The doors consist of a narrow or wide vertical panels which are fastened together. Folding doors are easily fitted for closing large rooms, often used for office space. Also accordion door is really convenient for small flats, it lets you to economize space.

2-Beautiful door

Door-accordion – a dependable option for small flats. Folding sliding doors are desirable for any room. This can be a living room, bedroom, kitchen.

3-white door accordion

Designers provide a big number of high-quality and interesting textiles and interesting design solutions. Folding doors can be constructed of any material: wood, plastic and others. Besides the doors can be constructed of glass or stained glass. Accordion doors will look respectable in any way, from the classics to the most innovative interior.

4-glass door accordion

Pluses accordion doors that she is very comfy, smooth, very easily opened and shut. Folding door can be placed in any way. Folding door can be applied instead of the partition, it will pull through space.

5-glass door accordion

With accordion doors in the interior can create a cozy ambiance in the home. Folding door is ideal for partitioning dressing rooms and bedroom.

6-glass door accordion

Accordion door is real easy to set up, and requires no extra work. To install the doors do not need a wooden corner. Folding doors can allow maximum use all the space of the room. Accordion door can be completely shut down, which will close completely in another way.

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