Cozy Mountain Cabin

July 21, 2014
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1-beautiful houses in the mountains

Roomy and comfortable house is situated in one of the resorts in Aspen, Colorado. The resource is a few houses in the same style for a comfortable stay of tourists. The interior houses used bright accessories, play furniture, and interesting pictures. Each room receives a beautiful sight of the masses. Houses with modern interior in the mountains – it’s not a simple solution, but very creative.

2-interior room in a beautiful picture

Living room with high ceilings, interior room, fully sheathed wooden planks. Interior room is really loose and unreal. The way holds many of windows that naturally illuminate the way.

3-creative and funny carpet

Top offers a beautiful panorama of the living room, the interior is decorated with beautiful and bright rug with turquoise circles. In the middle of the living room is a beautiful and interesting table with beautiful blue circles.

4-beautiful orange picture

The interior of the living room a bunch of brilliant accessories. The most brilliant objects in the interior painting.

5-unusual beautiful painting on the ceiling

Dining area and sitting area are very bright and interesting, in the center of the room is an interesting table in the form of a huge mushroom. Positioned round the table designer chairs brown.

6-beautiful and interesting roundtable

A table decorated with small mosaic blue and white, which is laid out in a spiral.

8-beautiful blue tile small

Kitchen – spacious, and really beautiful. The walls are adorned with small blue mosaic. Furniture in the kitchen light color wood. The kitchen holds a comfortable bar is clean, a small island for cooking.

10-unusual chair with beautiful upholstery

Bright and unusual room with beautiful details in the interior. Chairs constructed of bright felt, is also worth a chest of golden gloss. Interior room reminds exhibition gallery.

11-golden chest in the interior
12-glass doors in the interior
13-beautiful and interesting chair
14-blue walls in the interior of the room
15-spacious bathroom with beautiful chairs
16-fireplace in the shower room
17-beautiful and interesting statue

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