Pillows for Interior Design

July 18, 2014
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12-a variety of pillows on the couch

Pillows in an interior one of the most original and interesting ways to adorn a room with minimal exertion. Classic interior room can be adorned with colorful and interesting pillows, cushions desirable to choose single color. You can also use pillows in different shades with different designs.

2-crocheted pillows

Beautiful and bright pillows can create your own, you have to purchase a bright fabric and padding polyester filling, you can stuff the pillow. Pillow can also make old sweaters, shirts, denims, or any old dress.

3-small pillows

Cushions can also put back the national chair, footstool, or banquette. Big pillows can be used for comfortable seating on the floor. Also large pillows can be employed as a base for a laptop, or stand for a meal tray.

4-bright pillows

Pillows from old sweaters will look real cute and intimate inside. You can also use old scarves or stoles. Crocheted pillows in the interior look very fashionable and strange.

5-unusual pillows

Pillows in the interior should be well mixed with the overall decor of the room. Do not select a pillow in one color with a couch. Best to choose like textiles, for instance, choose a fabric of the same color as the drapes.

6-pillows with drawings

Old pillows can be adorned with graphic detail, it can be beads, buttons, decorations, lace or fabric pieces. Creative solution – the use of pillows in style – patchwork, products in this style will create the room fun and first-class.

7-pillows with drawings
8-beanbags with pictures
9-with fur pillows
10-pillows with flowers
11-pillows stones

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