Burlap Design Ideas

July 16, 2014
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1-chair with burlap in the interior

Decoration of apartment – not an easy task, but very exciting. One of the trendy and modern eco-friendly materials – burlap. Burlap – a material that is made of jute and kenaf fibers. Designers increasingly used burlap in the interior. Burlap well with other natural fabrics. Many do not take seriously Burlap, and utilize it for storing potatoes, and as a rural attribute. Burlap lovely stuff if to express imagination. This fine fabric will enhance any room inside. Any interior can be decorated using burlap and available materials. Burlap blends well with a satin ribbon, sequins, beads, beads, and especially with lace. Beautifully will look burlap and decoration of furniture, it can be chairs, armchairs, beds, sofas or other furniture that you can adorn with a material.

2-curtains made of burlap in the interior

Burlap has a different density from the thickest to the thinnest. Curtains decorated with burlap create a particular atmosphere in the room, you can also dress them with beads or sequins.

3-swipe of burlap in the interior

The gentlest means to embellish the inside of a room, decorate the table with burlap with ruffles and lace. For variety, best to use white and dark color finishing.

4-stools of burlap in the interior

Simple and original style to make a burlap ottoman that complements any interior room, or it can mark on the summer terrace or balcony.

5-burlap products in the interior

Accessories made of burlap can be altered and singular. Burlap can decorate the jars for cereals, posts, frames, covers for chairs, candlesticks and other things.

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