Black and White Kitchen

July 15, 2014
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1-black and white kitchen

The contrasting combination of colors will always be popular and in demand among designers. One of the most popular solutions, use of black and livid. Black and white color blends perfectly not only in clothing, but likewise in the interior of any room, particularly in the kitchen. Black and white are much used in Scandinavian style and minimalist way. Black and white color in the interior kitchen not very common, but recently it started to be applied in innovative interiors. To produce a harmonious interior should observe a certain routine of principles by which the interior of the room will look outstanding.

2-black and white kitchen tiles in the kitchen

Using a black color in the interior worth distribute the right amount of the room did not seem bleak, and for this it is best to use white color, which will make a harmonious atmosphere in the room. In the design of the kitchen is more honest to grant preference to white color. White visually expand the place, so the best option for the background – white. Furniture, fittings, and other accessories, you can choose in black.

3-black wall in the kitchen

For kitchen design in black and white style is to choose accessories in the same color and dash. Kitchen with a range of colors, you can emphasize the proper lighting, which creates an unusual atmosphere, the light should be plenty.

6-black wall in the kitchen

Black and white kitchen will allow experimenting with the interior. For decoration you can add bright accessories, live plants – excellent enliven the air and make the interior of freshness.

7-elegant black furniture

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