Amazing Chalkboard Ideas

July 15, 2014
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1-Slate in the interior of the kitchen

Chalkboard, many connected with the school years, and the answers in class. Chalkboard – a novel fashion accessory, which is used not just for education, but also can be applied in daily life. Chalkboard- very comfortable, functional, and is a necessary topic. The Chalkboard looks best and is in demand in the kitchen. On a Chalkboard can make receipt entry, or you can specify your shopping list, you can also write a message to a loved one. Original dishes can decorate with little bits of chalkboard, and sign cereal, or spices, or banks in which the stored products.

2-Slate in the kitchen interior

Designers or freelancers usually work at home, and they need to keep plans to administer the correct time. On chalkboard you can pen down all the projects or work to be done, which is very convenient and will always before your eyes. Chalkboard for creative people along it you can write your plans, desires, and creative minds.

3-Slate in the bedroom

Accommodation chalkboard in the interior bedroom – an unusual result. Can also be sited in the bedroom the on the wall. This choice is ideal for creative people who love write love declarations. Love inscription pleases a loved one, and raise his spirits.

4-Slate in the nursery

Chalkboard in the nursery – a dependable choice. Children can pull on the whiteboard, write. Also chalkboard can be placed not only on the wall, but also pasted chalkboard table where children draw, or cabinet, which can be painted.

5-decorate with plants

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