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July 11, 2014
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1-Elegant living room with yellow chairs

Dining room – a space that brings together all members of the household. Dimensions dining room may be different, you can still build a little room. If the proportions of the room are huge and allow to place dining room combined with other zones, and equip elegant dining room.

2-Elegant living room with a red cloth

The dining room can be in the kitchen or in the living room. If the parameters of the room allows, it can be put in a separate room. Dining table should not be used for cooking, it should be dressed with a beautiful tablecloth, deliver beautiful dishes, and fresh flowers. This space should be earmarked just for the repast.

3-Elegant living room with orange hues

The dining room should be spacious, cozy and comfortable. The colors and style of the room should cause a good appetite, and positive communication. Characters and accessories in the dining room should not distract.

4-Luxury Living in pistachio

The dining room is best to select a definitive color scheme, and a classic interior. Since the interior dining room is preferable to choose natural materials. Colors should be pleasant and unobtrusive. Materials should be established from natural materials.

5-Luxury Living in a yellow tint

Table in the living room is best to choose a round or oval with no sharp corners. Likewise, the size of the table should ideally be in concordance with the room dimensions. Should take a table in advance for a certain number of guests.

6-Luxury living in black white

Chairs for dining rooms need to choose a comfortable and commodious. Also worth considering style dining table. Best to choose chairs with upholstered headboards. Color furniture should be combined with the interior.

7-Luxury Living in black yellow
8-Luxury Living in a blue shade
9-Luxury Living in the gray-white
10-Luxury Living in lyapistyh Figures

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