Beautiful Balcony Ideas

July 10, 2014
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1-balconies in white interior

Nearly every apartment has a balcony, and it is used as warehousing place for unnecessary things. Balcony can be a spacious and beautiful place to stay, or to work, it all depends on the parameters and dimensions of the balcony. Every position on the balcony at any time of year, it is best to warm it, and put in the correct lighting.

2-balconies in the glamorous interior

Construction of balcony
1. Balcony can arrange to work as an office, you can bribe or build to order a small computer table, a comfy chair and put along the wall can accommodate bookshelves.
2. Balcony – a neat spot where you can build a little greenhouse, and produce herbs and other plants.
3. On the balcony can be an undeveloped workshop for creativity. You can set a comfortable desk, closet, sewing machine, or supplies for stitching, colors, layouts, and other art supplies.
4. Balcony can be used as a blank space in the gym. The balcony is a place trainer, weights, hang horizontal bar, and set the musical equipment, to set the temper.
5. If you have kids under the balcony can be equipped playroom. Along the balcony you can stash away all the toys, sporting set rings, soft mattress.
6. The balcony is often used as “Winter Garden”. You can put in a big number of shelves or racks for plants. Balcony so you can enjoy all year round.
7. If the kitchen is combined with a balcony, where you can place your dining room, put a small round table and two chair.

3-balconies in the interior with light bulbs
4-outdoor balcony in the interior
5-outdoor balcony with cushions on the ground
6-wicker furniture on the outdoor balcony
7-light floor of the outdoor balcony
8-small outdoor balcony
9-striped outdoor furniture on the balcony

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