Small Toilet Organization Ideas

July 9, 2014
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1-small closet

Small toilet, which is only a pair of square meters, should be very easy and usable. The chief task – to plan the interior toilet nice and easy. In a small closet should also be arranged convenient system for storing toilet paper, detergent. In the wall can also hide cleaning kit. All tubes can be concealed behind the wall.

2-small closet under the stairs

Worth to consider in advance, where there will be toilet, sink, paper holder, tables, and ledges. Fixing the toilet need to think carefully, choose the best pattern in classic shades, simply don’t make up the brilliant image. Colorful design can quickly get bored, you should regard the color in advance.

3-small toilet with red tiles

The decoration of the walls is preferable to choose a tile or washable wallpaper. Such materials are resistant, washable, and they don’t take up smells.

5-narrow toilet in the pantry

In the picture is very pragmatic and convenient small toilet that decorates as a larder. And it seems very refined and pragmatic.

7-old toilet in the interior

Original technique to decorate one wall, you can choose bright wallpaper, or opposite the door to publish, which will detract from the minuscule size of the toilet. The picture shows toilet with colorful wallpaper. To blow up the space used by a big assortment of mirrors.

8-old toilet in the interior

Stylish toilet made in Scandinavian style. Uses one black and white color. Vivid details in the mirror frame painted gold, and a small closet, bright yellow.

9-striped toilet

Romantic toilet – an unusual and original result. The toilet is in a marine style, only the color gamma is in yellow, and sand color.

10-toilet in a city

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