Warm and cozy home in Mallorca

July 8, 2014
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1-beautiful swimming pool in the garden

This beautiful and comfortable house is situated in Mallorca. Lovely house looks great in combination with nature. The inside of this house seems really beautiful and marvelous blend of traditional flair. The inside utilizes a big number of smart and beautiful colors.

2-purple chair

The garden path lined interior with beautiful stones. On track with cozy and comfortable furniture. Garden chairs, beautiful purple.

3-bright bathroom

The bathroom is very spacious and comfortable. Near the bath has a beautiful and large window in a black frame. The bathroom is decorated in the colors: shades of beige, celadon, white.

4-beautiful canopy over the bed

The bedroom is spacious and very comfortable. Above the layer is a beautiful white canopy, which renders the interior a light and ethereal. From the master bedroom has a beautiful scene of the garden and pool.

5-beautiful table in the kitchen

Roomy and comfortable kitchen, really usable. The kitchen, is constructed of wood and painted white. Table top made of stone, and appears very looks expensive.

6-beautiful and long table in the interior

The dining table is situated in the middle of the living room. Situated above the dining table lamp with fabric floor lamp. A table decorated with beautiful bright tablecloth. Chairs decorated with white covers.

7-beautiful black dresser with brown accents

Dining area flows seamlessly into the animation room, rooms are big white arch. The living room is a beautiful chest of drawers with mirror, chest of drawers black with beautiful drawings in the form of blossoms.

8-wooden beams on the ceiling

The living room holds plenty of windows and doors in the courtyard garden. In the middle of the living room is soft white sofas and rattan furniture.

9-beautiful glass doors
10-beautiful white sofa with a view
11-Rear Garden Plan

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