Little Swedish Apartment

July 8, 2014
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1=beautiful house in Scandinavian

In the town Linnestaden, Sweden, is an old building with astonishing architecture, and a beautiful finish. The previous home was rebuilt, and partly restored. The interior is built from the time there were only old furnace, hardwood floors, and beautiful moldings. The old interior blends well with the new details.

2-The spacious living room

Each room flows seamlessly into some other. All rooms in the interior are white, which is beautiful and well decorated with colorful details, paintings, and contemporary objects and accessories.

3-beautiful white table

The living room is harmoniously combined with a dining area. The inside utilizes a modern black furniture, clean, hoary. Dining table blends perfectly with plastic chairs.

5-spacious bedroom and work area

The bedroom is very wide, the walls are painted in a light gray color. Approach the wall is the original shelves, where are the books, and other accessories.

6-stove in the bedroom

Decoration of the bedroom is an old oven, white color, which replaces the heater.

7-black and white kitchen

Kitchen interior living room shared with a small white arch. The kitchen has no upper cabinets, but closed lower shelves. Furniture for interior uses from Ikea.

8-small and handy cooker

Working in the kitchen area in the interior is roomy and comfy, white countertop looks great. By contrast, black electrical set.

9-Refrigerator and black cabinets

Refrigerator located in built-in storage locker, as easily as the oven, there are too many hidden shelves.

10-WC white tiles

Bathroom small but practical. Easily installed shower system. Situated adjacent to a bathroom, and conch. The toilet is done completely in white.

11-comfortable bathroom white
12-small and handy cloakroom

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