Beautiful House in England

July 2, 2014
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1-beautiful entrance to the interior

Beautiful and bright home is situated in the easterly region of England. This home is filled with a warm aura, a feeling of scenic views. The house is suitable for a small family.

1-beautiful living room in the house

The living room is looking great. The room is functionally divided into several zones. The living room holds a seating area, a comfort zone, work zone. Approach the window is a small narrow table on which is fresh flowers and beautiful framework.

2-beautiful living room in the house...

In the living room there are two comfortable sofas, which are located near the fireplace. Fireplace decorated frame with photographs. A mirror above the fireplace, which visually enhances the space in the room.

3-beautiful white computer

Behind the lounge is a modern computer, which is sited on the desktop in the French manner.

5-beautiful and snow-white kitchen

The kitchen is very beautiful and spacious, plenty of open ledges, which is a beautiful dish, jars for cereals. Opposite the window is a stainless sink. Thus it is possible to wash the dishes and looking out the window admiring the weather.

6-set of white dishes

Stove in the kitchen range fireplace decorated for for large banks, and products, is sited along the top shelf for bottles and other supplements.

7-beautiful shabby shop

Dining area in the interior is dressed in a very pretty style Shabby chic. Chairs around the table are, on the other hand is an old blue bench. Above the dining table is a lamp.

8-Pretty bedroom with red accessories

The bedroom is very spacious and comfortable. The main attribute of the interior ladies table with mirror, old and worn in the style of Shabby Chic. Cupboard built into the interior wall. Next to the closet is an old mannequin that serves as a hanger.

9-many beautiful shoes
10-beautiful and white chandelier
11-very beautiful cute bath
12-magic children's bedroom in the interior
13-beautiful floral chandelier
14-beautiful courtyard in the interior

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