Sweden country house

July 1, 2014
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14-beautiful kitchen with white

The mansion owned by a lovely architect Anna Lanty Niklasson, and her large household. In the courtyard is open and convenient program. These small beautiful houses situated in the southerly region of Sweden. The home is situated near the forest. Close to the mansion is a great number of deciduous trees. The cabins have wooden paneling, clean.

13-comfortable chairs

This house has 37 windows, through which runs a big measure of daylight and illuminates each room. The interior uses furniture company IKEA. The main trend in the interior – Scandinavian, which employs a set of shiny accessories and components.

12-beautiful dining table in the room

The living room is a dining table walnut color, plastic chairs arranged around with soft pillows.

11-bright round window

In the living room the round window creates a pleasant and welcoming air. Succeeding to a window worth rocking chair in which you can comfortably read books.

10-beautiful bathroom with shower

The bathroom is located in the loft. Spacious and white bathroom suite combines well with black floor and looks quite clearly.

9-beautiful round dresser

The house holds a separate ice-enclosed shower, and nearby is the bathroom, which is very convenient when the busy bathroom.

8-black bedside table

Bedroom interior is light shades, the main colors beige color combined with black dark glasses that are used in furniture, picture frames.

7-beige dresser in the interior

Bedroom plastered with beautiful beige wallpaper with images of Indian cucumber. In the middle of the room is a beautiful beige carpet.

6-round table

Really beautiful and comfortable room in white. Thither is a bench with soft pillows. The room lighting ozonized.

5-dining room
4-beautiful path
3-long table
2-outdoor terrace white
1-beautiful white house

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